Our Story

Welcome to Silvercoins Europe

Silvercoins Europe is a Polish company born with the aim of satisfying the needs and desires of the world’s most advanced collectors of gold and silver coins.

Another of our main activities is the design and production of high quality 2 oz to 5 oz silver coins with high relief and antique finish, in cooperation with one of the leading mints in the world. We have already released several coins and series, and we continue to work on new projects every day. You can consult our projects in the “SCE Projects” section of this website.

That is why we offer you in this online shop the most desirable, exclusive and limited gold and silver coins from many countries. Most of our coins are high relief silver coins of the highest quality, carefully selected by us and extremely limited, with mintages not exceeding 500 units worldwide, minted by the best and most prestigious international mints.

We want every customer who visits our online shop to feel like a VIP customer, getting an exclusive service and advice, to find the most suitable coin for their tastes and needs.

Our policy is to be agile and professional, but without neglecting the service and customer care, looking for excellence in every transaction. We improve every day so that our customers have the best possible shopping experience.

We want our shop to be a reference for all collectors, providing them with a place where they can find the coin they are missing in their collection.

With pleasure and pleasure we invite you to find the coin you most desire.