SCE Rewards


SCE Rewards Credit (hereinafter SCE-R) is the reward you receive for every euro spent on SilverCoins Europe (hereinafter SCE).

With our SCE-R programme you accumulate credit to spend on future purchases and save on the purchase of your favourite coins, reducing the amount of your purchase.

For every 20 euro you spend, you will accumulate one loyalty point (1 loyalty point = 1 euro). In short, you accumulate 5% of the amount of your purchase.

The SCE-R credit is redeemed as a means of payment, without having to make any intermediate step, you will have your accumulated credit available in euros. During the check-out you will have the possibility to choose whether you want to use it or not in your purchase.

The SCE-R credit accrued by the customer is calculated on the taxable amount of the purchase, without taking into account the amount of SCE-R credit redeemed, shipping costs, taxes and commissions applied to the method of payment. It is important to remember that the taxable amount for the same currency differs depending on the recipient of the goods.

If a return is made for which SCE-R credit has been used, this credit will be lost and cannot be recovered.

The SCE-R credit is effective 15 days after delivery of the order.

The accumulated SCE-R credit expires one year after the last purchase.

The credit amount will always be accrued in Euros, regardless of whether the customer has paid in another currency, i.e. if the currency is worth 100 Euros, but the customer wants to pay in 116 dollars, the basis on which the credit will be calculated will be 100 Euros. This is because the shop’s exchange rate applies a multiplier factor in addition to the official ECB exchange rate.

SCE Rewards credit is not redeemable for cash and is not transferable.

To check how much SCE-R credit you have accumulated, you must log in with your username and password.

In case of suspected fraud, SCE reserves the right to cancel SCE-R credit.

We hope the SCE-R credit programme will help you grow your collection faster. Thank you for shopping at SCE.